Friday, April 23, 2010

At random

1. I finally managed to find an online video of Buddy Miller's "When It Comes To You". If anyone were to ask me to pick one song that defines my relationship with Jason, this would be it. I have never been able to find anyone who had put it up on the internet, but finally I did! It's a live performance and it's a little slower than the version Jason and I have on a CD.

Baby, I got my love-light on
Baby, I got the beat
I got twenty dollars in my shoe
and rhythm in my feet
I got more than 40 different grooves
and twice as many moves
I'll be a cool rocking daddy that's who
when it comes to you

Well I'm a man with a plan honey

if you got the desire
We can go stepping out
& we can set the money on fire
Just come with me on a little trip
and we can give the blues the slip
There ain't nothin that I would not do
when it comes to you

If you push the first domino

we'll go flying like a GTO
Baby, just have to let me know
any time I'll be good to go

So let me know, Darlin'

if you ever wanna fall in love
I gotta tell you, it would not take
too much of a shove
I got you under my radar
Hey, I'm ready when you are
Yeah, I'm hooked and I'm stuck like glue
when it comes to you

You can send me out on a high wire

without a net below me
You can stick a feather in my hat
and call it matrimony
You got the time, baby, let's do the crime
We can dance while the wedding bells chime
 I see my future coming into view
when it comes to you

I'll be your cool rockin' daddy, that's who
when it comes to you
I see my future comin' into view
when it comes to you

2. My job has been cutting everyone's hours, and since I'm new and at the bottom of the totem pole, this means that I am getting terrible, absolutely terrible, hours. I'm talking like one shift per week kind of hours. I am getting proactive about this and signed up with a temp agency online. They've called me in to finish filling out an application Monday, May 3rd. One month of decent temp work could make us more money than a whole summer working these awful hours at my current job, so we'll see. Bad hours breed a lack of contentment and restless job-wanderin'.

3. I'm almost done with the commission painting! I just have to do the last layer of paint and I'm good! I'm so excited to have a real live commission where I am paid real live money under my belt. I have also proven to myself that I can paint things like flowers, too, not just people like I usually do. I will probably be opening for commissions across the board after this.

4. I have my mother's Mother's Day/Birthday present, I just have to get up to McLean to give it to her.

5. I like numbered lists, apparently. Who knew? I certainly didn't... when I make numbered to-do lists, I never finish them.

6. This website is awesome. Jennifer Strunge makes monsters out of recycled cloth/textiles. They're a little like the Ugly Dolls I've bought for my niece, but these are one of a kind! The artist makes them essentially without patterns, so they're always different. I am fascinated by people who can just create three-dimensional stuff like that... I certainly can't!

7. The Irish Festival is in Carbondale this weekend! Jason and I are heading over tomorrow when he gets out of work (he works until 10 PM tonight, boo) in the early afternoon. I may take pictures! I am growing to like taking pictures more and more, and I think I've gotten better at it since I started posting lots of pictures here for people to see!

I am very enthusiastic today. I'm going to go paint now.

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