Wednesday, March 3, 2010

This post is brought to you by my wonderful family

I got my first birthday-related things in the mail today!I got a pretty spring-like card from Grandma VanHoorn (thank you, Grandma! I was just thinking of the farm this morning when I got up and I really wish I had been there for dinner to see everybody all together!) and the greatest card ever from Delainey:


She made sure to personalize the front for me as well as sign the inside! What a thoughtful niece! She knows how much I love Dora :)
And my present from Christina, Delainey, and J.W. was in the package! Brightly colored and beautiful to combat the dreary gray day outside, his name is Baila! 


That's right, folks. Almost 24 years old and I still get toy horses for presents, I still name them, and they still get places of honor in my home.

That's all so far today... and actually, the sun just came out! Maybe I'll go let the cat romp around for a while until Jason gets off work at 3 PM and we have to go do grown-up errands.

Baila wishes everyone a happy day!


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