Friday, March 5, 2010


Jason's car done broke.

Something with his alternator essentially caught fire the other day at work. He drove by an auto-parts store and described the problem, at which point he was informed that this particular part was recalled for his type of car in the mid-nineties due to a propensity for starting fires.

Jason gave the man a level stare and replied, "Yes, that's true."

So he bought a new little part for connecting some fiddly wires on his alternator to some fiddly wires NOT on his alternator (look, I am not car-knowledgeable, I am explaining as best I can here). We weren't able to work on his car Wednesday, but yesterday when he got off work (he drove my car, since I didn't work and needed an oil change anyway) we fiddled around with his car for some time. He took out a thingie and we got a pretty good look at where the fire was and it does appear to have caused some damage. Even using the part and some caps and all, we weren't able to get the car to jump-start. Jason's taking his battery into work to see if maybe the battery got shorted out and died or whatnot, but we're a little concerned we're going to have to get him a whole new car, or get this one fixed.

So right now we're enjoying the magic of having one car, heh. I got up this morning to drive him to work, and our friend Casey will be picking him up since I work tonight until 9. Tomorrow I'm going to take him in and pick him up, Sunday neither of us work and Monday I know he doesn't... so we may be able to keep this going long enough to get his car fixed.

I was so happy about spring, you know? And BAM car trouble, just like that.

Oh well. The magic and whimsy of adult life

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