Sunday, March 28, 2010

New finished painting! Plus a walk in the rain

Jason and I have had a bit of a lazy Sunday. We didn't get out of bed until nearly 11! Although, granted, we didn't go to bed until 2 AM because we got busy playing video games. Seriously. We sat next to each other and played video games until 2 AM.

Between last night and today, I finished the painting I've been working on. I don't have the best picture ever of it? But it's fairly decent-looking. I did my best!

Acrylic on wood
2' by 11"

I'm messing with concepts of mythology, so this is a goddess. The title is an Estonian word for "unity". I was trying to make everything more... substantial, than it was on the last one.

Jason and I took a walk today and I took a couple of pictures... I'm only putting two up, so I won't bother you all so much with all my pictures of green things!

Everyone have an awesome Sunday! We are now going to eat chili, because the walk we took was cold and wet and made me definitely feel like we needed some chili to warm us up! Soup being, of course, my specialty.

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