Tuesday, March 30, 2010

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So I'm going to try and figure out how to get back to my parents' house for Easter Sunday. Jason won't be able to come, as he works late on Saturday. Current plans: I work from 11 AM to 3 PM on Saturday. I will leave directly from work to go back to McLean, meaning if I make my usual time I'll get there around 7:30 (tacking on a half hour or so of extra time since I'll be leaving from Marion instead of Carbondale), which gives me some time to be around Delainey when she is awake, I hope.

So then Sunday can be spent with the family, I think. If I don't work Monday, or at least don't work in the morning (which isn't terribly likely at this point), I can stay Sunday night and come back Monday morning. Which gives me over 24 hours of actually being at the house.

I am confident that I can pull this off.

Blegh. Today is just one of those days. SIUC is still giving Jason trouble (I swear to you, that school is run by illiterate parakeets) but I think we're going to have that worked out by tomorrow afternoon if all goes well. He works 10 to 7 today, I work 4:15 PM to close, so I won't get home until 11... just in time for Jason to get ready for bed.

I seem to remember when I was little, thinking that grown-ups got to do whatever they wanted all the time. I'd like to sign up for THAT, please.

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