Thursday, March 25, 2010

It's not really a spring my step, but it's a start

Well, today is dreary and gray in Carbondale... Appears to be sort of dreary and gray all over my state. Jason's car got fixed and he picked it up today. We are no longer doing the One Car Dance, which is nice, since he gets out of work today at 6:30 PM and I go INTO work at 5:30 PM... I'm going to see if I can't finagle a few extra hours for next week, especially since it turns out I don't need the day I had originally asked off.

We are both ramping up our efforts to get to Greenville a little faster right now. Obviously it wouldn't happen until the end of spring, probably early summer at best, but the chief way to sort of brighten our spirits when we think about Carbondale is to imagine how nice it will be to no longer live here.

In any case, I promised you some pictures and I plan to deliver!

To welcome you in, heart-shaped weedy flowers! They love spring so much.

Click the link to 'Read More' and see the rest of my favorite shots!

Pretty flowers...

There's actually a couple of these fun ruined buildings out on this road. This is one of them, basically just in someone's backyard. There's another one in the woods a little ways down the road, then another old machine shed in a field at the end of the road.

I hope everyone else's spring is as pretty as ours is.

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