Thursday, March 18, 2010


Jason's car is still not fixed. At this point it's more a problem of us just not being able to get together with our friend that fixes cars. We're about to give up and take it to a dealer. Right now the trading-off-thing is still working. Oh well.

At least the sun is out. It's over sixty degrees today! Windows and door are open, letting in the light. Birdcalls fill the air. This is the kind of day one could get sentimental over.

Walking with the husband Monday gave me the following discovery: real, true green grass!

Sure, it's growing out of gravel, but hey, you take what you can get.

Below the jump (you have to click 'Read More' to see), I'm working on a new painting and I've got a couple of the beginning stages up in photo form... plus a tiny little piece I'm about done with, just have to re-ink the black...

Beginning drawing, next to the rough sketch I did before I decided on what to do with this particular piece of wood. That sketch is actually like two years old, I just found it when I was cleaning and decided I liked the concept. This is kind of a goddess, maybe. I've been doing lots of mythology reading lately. I've got an earth/huntress kind of goddess idea in mind.

The first couple stages of the painting... roughing out the colors and deciding what I'm going to do with them. Laying down the brown under-layer to skin tone and her skirt.

And, for our finishing touch, the little painting that could. This thing is like... 5" by 7", it's really tiny, but it's colorful, so you know, that's something. Just need to finish adding the black ink back in.


  1. Hi, Beth here, just thought I'd follow you over here too. This is my swedish identity, so not much to see there except reposts for the swedish impaired.

    Love your paintings, if I had money I'd by one right away.

  2. BETH

    I am so happy to hear that :) And I'm pretty sure I can read a sort of broken version of this blog if I use google translate! It has served me well in the past

    Thanks for the compliments... if I do one of the little ones for you I could probably ship that fairly cheaply, don't you think? I don't know what international shipping rates are like.


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