Tuesday, March 30, 2010

New blog header

Do we like it? Not like it? Opinions?

So I'm going to try and figure out how to get back to my parents' house for Easter Sunday. Jason won't be able to come, as he works late on Saturday. Current plans: I work from 11 AM to 3 PM on Saturday. I will leave directly from work to go back to McLean, meaning if I make my usual time I'll get there around 7:30 (tacking on a half hour or so of extra time since I'll be leaving from Marion instead of Carbondale), which gives me some time to be around Delainey when she is awake, I hope.

So then Sunday can be spent with the family, I think. If I don't work Monday, or at least don't work in the morning (which isn't terribly likely at this point), I can stay Sunday night and come back Monday morning. Which gives me over 24 hours of actually being at the house.

I am confident that I can pull this off.

Blegh. Today is just one of those days. SIUC is still giving Jason trouble (I swear to you, that school is run by illiterate parakeets) but I think we're going to have that worked out by tomorrow afternoon if all goes well. He works 10 to 7 today, I work 4:15 PM to close, so I won't get home until 11... just in time for Jason to get ready for bed.

I seem to remember when I was little, thinking that grown-ups got to do whatever they wanted all the time. I'd like to sign up for THAT, please.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

New finished painting! Plus a walk in the rain

Jason and I have had a bit of a lazy Sunday. We didn't get out of bed until nearly 11! Although, granted, we didn't go to bed until 2 AM because we got busy playing video games. Seriously. We sat next to each other and played video games until 2 AM.

Between last night and today, I finished the painting I've been working on. I don't have the best picture ever of it? But it's fairly decent-looking. I did my best!

Acrylic on wood
2' by 11"

I'm messing with concepts of mythology, so this is a goddess. The title is an Estonian word for "unity". I was trying to make everything more... substantial, than it was on the last one.

Jason and I took a walk today and I took a couple of pictures... I'm only putting two up, so I won't bother you all so much with all my pictures of green things!

Everyone have an awesome Sunday! We are now going to eat chili, because the walk we took was cold and wet and made me definitely feel like we needed some chili to warm us up! Soup being, of course, my specialty.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

It's not really a spring my step, but it's a start

Well, today is dreary and gray in Carbondale... Appears to be sort of dreary and gray all over my state. Jason's car got fixed and he picked it up today. We are no longer doing the One Car Dance, which is nice, since he gets out of work today at 6:30 PM and I go INTO work at 5:30 PM... I'm going to see if I can't finagle a few extra hours for next week, especially since it turns out I don't need the day I had originally asked off.

We are both ramping up our efforts to get to Greenville a little faster right now. Obviously it wouldn't happen until the end of spring, probably early summer at best, but the chief way to sort of brighten our spirits when we think about Carbondale is to imagine how nice it will be to no longer live here.

In any case, I promised you some pictures and I plan to deliver!

To welcome you in, heart-shaped weedy flowers! They love spring so much.

Click the link to 'Read More' and see the rest of my favorite shots!

Emphasis on the 'stress' part this week.

We could really stand to have some good luck come our way right now. We could use any good vibes y'all feel like sending. My job isn't giving me the hours I need, I haven't found a lot of other good employment leads locally, Jason's job is cutting basically anyone hourly's hours at work... We finally got his car taken to a shop and we're going to pick that up and pay tomorrow... oh, let me count the ways in which we could use some good vibes.

I've got some really nice pictures from a walk I took Tuesday, but I haven't gotten around to getting them onto the computer yet. When I do, I'll put a couple up here. It was a really pretty day!

Trying to kind of focus on the good stuff right now.

Here's hoping "We think we can" turns into something tangible.

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Jason's car is still not fixed. At this point it's more a problem of us just not being able to get together with our friend that fixes cars. We're about to give up and take it to a dealer. Right now the trading-off-thing is still working. Oh well.

At least the sun is out. It's over sixty degrees today! Windows and door are open, letting in the light. Birdcalls fill the air. This is the kind of day one could get sentimental over.

Walking with the husband Monday gave me the following discovery: real, true green grass!

Sure, it's growing out of gravel, but hey, you take what you can get.

Below the jump (you have to click 'Read More' to see), I'm working on a new painting and I've got a couple of the beginning stages up in photo form... plus a tiny little piece I'm about done with, just have to re-ink the black...

Saturday, March 13, 2010


So the world continues to slowly warm up here, which mostly just means rain and slushy dirt. Jason's car is still broken, so we're still trading off. I haven't been getting many hours at work, so this is kind of good, because trading off the car hasn't been an issue, and kind of bad, because you know, more hours = more money.

Yesterday I applied to two jobs in South Carolina. I realize it's a snowball's chance in hell that I'd even get a callback/response, but it's worth a shot, I suppose. If said snowball did survive more than a few minutes and I did get one of the jobs, Jason and I would basically just pack our stuff up and go like the wind.

Waiting for Jason to get home from work, other than that just working on my new painting and trying not to be worried about everything.

Friday, March 5, 2010


Jason's car done broke.

Something with his alternator essentially caught fire the other day at work. He drove by an auto-parts store and described the problem, at which point he was informed that this particular part was recalled for his type of car in the mid-nineties due to a propensity for starting fires.

Jason gave the man a level stare and replied, "Yes, that's true."

So he bought a new little part for connecting some fiddly wires on his alternator to some fiddly wires NOT on his alternator (look, I am not car-knowledgeable, I am explaining as best I can here). We weren't able to work on his car Wednesday, but yesterday when he got off work (he drove my car, since I didn't work and needed an oil change anyway) we fiddled around with his car for some time. He took out a thingie and we got a pretty good look at where the fire was and it does appear to have caused some damage. Even using the part and some caps and all, we weren't able to get the car to jump-start. Jason's taking his battery into work to see if maybe the battery got shorted out and died or whatnot, but we're a little concerned we're going to have to get him a whole new car, or get this one fixed.

So right now we're enjoying the magic of having one car, heh. I got up this morning to drive him to work, and our friend Casey will be picking him up since I work tonight until 9. Tomorrow I'm going to take him in and pick him up, Sunday neither of us work and Monday I know he doesn't... so we may be able to keep this going long enough to get his car fixed.

I was so happy about spring, you know? And BAM car trouble, just like that.

Oh well. The magic and whimsy of adult life

Thursday, March 4, 2010

The things you find in the woods

I went for a walk today since it's really sunny and nice outside, took a few pictures. I got a really nice one of some old deer bones... during hunting season, someone must have gotten this deer and just abandoned the whole front half of it. Jason and I have kind of kept an eye on it all through winter when it was covered by snow or ice and now with spring it's pretty much bleached out entirely.

More birthday cards today. I'm a little surprised at how excited I am for this.

So, WARNING: Clicking "read more" will take you to a picture of the bones! If you've got a problem with that kind of thing, it's probably best not to look.

Wednesday, March 3, 2010

This post is brought to you by my wonderful family

I got my first birthday-related things in the mail today!I got a pretty spring-like card from Grandma VanHoorn (thank you, Grandma! I was just thinking of the farm this morning when I got up and I really wish I had been there for dinner to see everybody all together!) and the greatest card ever from Delainey:


She made sure to personalize the front for me as well as sign the inside! What a thoughtful niece! She knows how much I love Dora :)
And my present from Christina, Delainey, and J.W. was in the package! Brightly colored and beautiful to combat the dreary gray day outside, his name is Baila! 


That's right, folks. Almost 24 years old and I still get toy horses for presents, I still name them, and they still get places of honor in my home.

That's all so far today... and actually, the sun just came out! Maybe I'll go let the cat romp around for a while until Jason gets off work at 3 PM and we have to go do grown-up errands.

Baila wishes everyone a happy day!


Tuesday, March 2, 2010


Sssshhh, Jason is sleeping... you know, because decent people are usually already asleep by now. But I have an overnight shift for inventory Wednesday and I'm trying to get myself to stay up late so I won't fall asleep then. Which is great, except that my husband works at 7 AM every day this week. Oh well.

Thus far, you all seem willing to put up with my somewhat untrained writing attempts... so I suppose I'll bother you with yet another one... Apparently I only want to write at one o'clock in the morning.


To begin with, there are the geese, greedy early birds
hell-bent northbound, flying in
these ragged, uncertain arrowheads
Blackbirds suddenly squabble for space outside my door
They announce themselves ambassadors of the change
whether I want them there or not

Add to that tiny forest frogs, who seduce themselves
with a volume that defies their size
The least attractive sounds I have ever heard
Though I suppose I'm not a toad, not even a little tadpole
just an unknown, unwilling audience to
their deafening endeavors

I'm still waiting for the land to rise to their challenge.
What grass there is, is brittle and brown
Trees remain bare bones breaking the line of sky
The sun's warmth is yet undone by chilly winter winds
I have not seen a flower in three months that wasn't
Sitting pretty on a windowsill

What a disservice done to nature in declaring its start
when plastic comes off the windows or
when enough willpower is gathered to clean the house
Listless printed numbers on a lifeless calendar
I'd rather picture the first old river turtle sunning roadside
That beginning burst of stubborn happy weeds in the yard

Listen to the rhythm all the noise is making
Watch carefully for tractors on the road, pulling off into fields
Certain men begin to debate in diners over coffee the likelihood of rain
Put your trust in farmers and in the wild things;
They feel it first, and their restlessness welcomes in
this next repetition of the land's resurrection.