Friday, January 8, 2010

More Snow

I put this up as a status on facebook a couple of days ago, but I think it deserves its  very own blog entry.

I cannot wait to live in a place where it is rare that I will look outside and think, "Well, if I stay inside I won't get frostbite, so that's a plus" and not an every day occurrence.

I need to take the trash out, but I have no snow boots. Snow boots would have been a good investment for me this year. Argh.


  1. *sigh* You didn't say anything about BOOTS!!! WE coulda gotten them too!!!

    (You're rockin' the "Muslim"...)

  2. We do have snow here right now, but it is only the second time since I have lived here. Georgia is nice, and I think I am slowly convincing the entire state of Illinois to move down here so it would atleast fit the pattern.

  3. Why does your name link to siu? Silly :)

    Yeah, give us a few months and we'll be two hours away from you!


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