Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas and Snow and Silver and Gold

So here's how it is:

I have spent several days surrounded by my immediate and extended family and this makes me quite happy. I love family time. We got a LOT A LOT of snow here, so driving back to C-dale tomorrow is going to be kind of an ordeal.

I need to work on making this blog more of an accessible thing, more detail-oriented. Make a blog about my search for the kind of job that will allow me to work on my writing and art stuff and not exhaust me.

Hmmn... I am making plans.


My cat got presents from my parents! They have finally accepted that I love that cat way too much. Kitty has lots of new treats coming to her and I have a kitty photo frame! I need to charge up my digital camera and get some fun pictures printed out to put around... I'm excited to put pictures around everywhere.

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