Thursday, December 31, 2009

New Year's Feast

I had to take a couple of Midol (okay, THREE Midol) so far today, and that interacts badly with alcohol (yay, acetaminophen poisoning?) so I can't drink tonight, this most drinkingest of nights, New Year's Eve! Since I planned mulled wine for the menu, I am still making it (two bottles worth! Because I am going to drink it all tomorrow night, probably, when the tylenol stuff is out of my system), but I am also making mulled apple cider for myself. It's just as good, if less full of tannins and awesome.

Menu for tonight: Split pea soup with ham and bacon, dinner rolls, mulled wine/apple cider. I think my friend Alana is bringing dessert and a friend. Hopefully Leo will come, possibly Leo + one?

Split Pea Soup:

At about 11 this morning, I put my two packages of split peas into a large bowl and filled just over the top with water. Over time, they expand like crazy, so make sure only about half your bowl has peas in it before you put the water in.
One package pre-cooked ham steak. Cut into small cubes. You can buy it in cubes, but I don't know. I don't trust pre-cubed ham steak, do not ask me why.
3 strips regular (not sweet, not maple, just regular) bacon. I find peppered bacon is TOO peppery for this soup. Cut into tiny pieces (or not so tiny, if you lose your patience like I did).
Add into large skillet, with some olive oil. While this is cooking:
Take one medium yellow onion, dice it, toss it in. Allow onions to begin 'sweating' (looking wet and translucent).
Cut up two large carrot sticks into small cubes. Toss in with onions and meat.
Cut up three large-ish celery stalks. Throw in with carrots, onions, and meat.
Allow to cook for ten-fifteen minutes, depending on how fast things are going. When the onions look see-through and delicious and the bacon appears to be done cooking, drain your split peas and throw them in as well.
Pour in one whole large package chicken broth, until the broth just covers the top of the rest of your ingredients.
Put in pepper, parsley, and bay leaf to taste. Don't salt this soup! It doesn't need salt, the bacon and ham more than make up for it.
Bring to a boil, then set to simmer. Allow to simmer for a couple of hours. Turn heat off and whisk the soup until the split pea mash and the broth are truly one.
Let the soup set for about an hour. Turn heat back on and re-heat, still in the pot you cooked it in. Simmer, people. Simmer.
And soup is delicious and there is SO MUCH OF IT.

Dinner rolls are just frozen rolls I am allowing to thaw right now before I stick 'em in the oven.

There, don't act like I never did anything for you. I gave you my special Awesome Soup Recipe.

Something you need to know about me: I love peas. I eat them whenever possible. And I love split pea soup.

I can smell the wine mulling :( It smells so delicious. Oh well. My liver will thank me when it doesn't die as I abstain from alcohol this evening. The apple cider will be delicious too!

I know I seem very enthusiastic in this post, but I am actually so tired it's not even funny. I slept entirely too long last night, which has to be at least part of the problem, but the other part of the problem is simply that I don't feel well, I am a lady and ladies sometimes don't feel well. My body is reminding me of that fact.

Happy New Year, everyone!

Edited to show some pictures... obviously the date on the camera is wrong, I didn't set it for some reason. BUT here we have mulled cider, mulled wine, and split pea soup with ham and bacon

Sunday, December 27, 2009

Christmas and Snow and Silver and Gold

So here's how it is:

I have spent several days surrounded by my immediate and extended family and this makes me quite happy. I love family time. We got a LOT A LOT of snow here, so driving back to C-dale tomorrow is going to be kind of an ordeal.

I need to work on making this blog more of an accessible thing, more detail-oriented. Make a blog about my search for the kind of job that will allow me to work on my writing and art stuff and not exhaust me.

Hmmn... I am making plans.


My cat got presents from my parents! They have finally accepted that I love that cat way too much. Kitty has lots of new treats coming to her and I have a kitty photo frame! I need to charge up my digital camera and get some fun pictures printed out to put around... I'm excited to put pictures around everywhere.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Steadfast Procrastination

I need to do the following things: Load up the presents into the car, dust the inside of the car, pack my clothing + supplies for the next few days at my parents' house, eat something more filling than cheese, finish the Christmas cards I am sending out today...

It kind of goes on like that. So far I'm most of the way through Christmas cards and have begun to seriously consider dusting.

Clearly, I am the best stay at home wife ever.

The cat decided that one of her fuzzball toys needed to be shredded so there are tiny bits of what used to be cotton all over the house. She is watching me with this smug little 'I know you'll pick up after me, bwa ha ha' face.


I guess I should go pick up after the cat. :)

Friday, December 18, 2009

The cat has been lurking around the edges of rooms all day

Just hangin' out. Filled out a couple of applications this morning online. Jason and I will be swinging into McLean on the 22nd... he's going to hang out for a bit in the morning with me and have breakfast and then head back to Carbondale, just so he doesn't spend the whole day driving me around.

Then I'm going to help with tree stuff and wait for Christina and the Terrific Toddler to arrive.

We are tentatively planning a trip to SC in February or late January right now... we're doing our best.

Friday, December 11, 2009

I love the whole world and its craziness

So, an update:

I don't have a job right now. Haven't had one since November 20th. Walmart went on a hiring freeze. Jason asked about it and it was probably literally the day after my interview. So... boo.

I've applied to a few jobs, had a couple of interviews. I interviewed with Pepsi Midamerica on Monday, haven't heard anything back yet. I did a teller test for a bank that I know I passed, but I don't know any updates yet other than that.

So mostly I hang around the house cooking too much cranberry sauce, doing the dishes, and spinning in circles singing songs I love way too loud.

So, please keep me in your thoughts while I look for a job, but don't worry about my mood. For the moment, we're lovely.

Tuesday, December 1, 2009

One of those days

I don't feel well, Jason works all evening so I won't get to see him, and a conversation in the early afternoon put me in a very bad mood.


At least Walmart called about hiring me back.