Sunday, October 18, 2009


It's been a good Sunday. Jason and I woke up a little later than usual. We made zucchini fried in blue cornmeal for breakfast, then I drank some coffee with pumpkin-spice creamer and we went for a walk. It was blazing sunny but the wind kept things a little chill. We wandered down the road about two and a half miles and came back.

For those who don't know, Jason and I live a little bit towards the country. We're technically just a little outside of Carbondale, though still within city limits. So we went for a walk down the country lane that is our street, past the little neighborhood of houses we live in. You cross a stone bridge and then you're out in the fields and the farmland.

There were two planes circling around overhead, small things, like buzzing bees.

We saw a lot of fuzzy caterpillars, which Jason wasn't used to seeing in such numbers. I told him the old wives' tale about really thick fuzz on the caterpillars meaning a cold winter, and he thought I was crazy.

We saw a couple of wolf spiders with babies riding on their backs (lots of floating baby spiders in the air today, too). We actually saw a brown recluse on the road, but we were far enough away that he didn't notice us. Lots of grasshoppers and an insane amount of butterflies.

We saw a spotted turtle sunning himself in the road and moved him over onto a part of the concrete that cars were less likely to drive on.

We looked at weeds and we walked and it was really nice.

Like Jason said, days like this are the reason we keep going to work; so that we can have them, worry-free. I'm on coffee-cup-number-two (decaf now) and have a couple of candles burning.

We may be getting a second cat. I don't know yet; hopefully the Humane Society will get ahold of me tomorrow. His name is Pumpkin and we saw him in the little area they have for pets they're trying to adopt out at Petco.

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