Saturday, October 31, 2009

Here it comes, the breeze will blow away

I am back from my trip to Kentucky, with awareness of a couple of things. I am aware of how energized I could be about my job (and really, I kind of was today) and how far I have to go before I have any kind of real job security. I need to work harder, work smarter, and be more organized about what I'm doing. So I threw myself headlong into work today and the only problem was that I didn't have enough time!

I had a giant pile of things still left undone from my week away when I got back, but I didn't have a choice. I left half an hour late as it was, and I wasn't willing to stay until six the day after I got back. I suppose I could have, though.

Monday will be a crazy day, but at least my CSR will be coming in to help me. An internal auditor (someone with the company) may or may not be going through our whole district next week. She's hit at least two stores. I was freaked out when the state auditor came, but auditors with the company are apparently much harder on us.

As they probably should be.

I am still tired, and I never really unpacked my suitcase, and I just want to curl up in sweatpants under a blanket and nap away my day.

I drove home yesterday from Lexington, KY. I went five hours straight, and I didn't stop once. Thus I know now that I can make it to Lexington or from Lexington on one tank of gas if I am very, very careful, do not stop, and do not speed enough to knock down my gas mileage.

But I made it home early enough that I was there to greet my husband when he got back from work, which was the goal.

I am le tired.

Must... unpack... suitcase...

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