Monday, August 24, 2009

Things I Need to Do

I find myself randomly trolling apartment-renting websites for Greenville, SC. Or looking at the ads. There's no point, there's no way I would be starting the job hunting process this far in advance, but I do like to dream. Current focus of dreams: printing company or publishing company. They've got to have printing companies down south, right? Maybe they need someone to color in the little pictures...

But as much as I'm actually kind of enjoying my job, I don't want to do this when I get to SC. It's definitely the kind of job that can burn you out fast, and I don't really want to get there.

Parents coming to visit Labor Day weekend... I'm hoping they're be able to stay for more than one day? Who knows.

Just gonna drink my coffee and get ready for work, I suppose.

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  1. You just reminded me to make reservations at one of the hotels. I think we'll come down on Saturday and stay Sunday and maybe come home on Monday. I'll have to ask your dad. We're looking forward to coming down so you dad can see the new apartment, though he's concerned that maybe you wanted to come home and this has somehow ruined those plans...


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