Friday, August 28, 2009

never stand between the reservation and the corporate banks


plans for the next two weeks:

1. Pay rent + mediacom bill
2. Put down deposit for cruise, discuss more details with travel agent
3. clean house due to imminent parental arrival on the 5th
4. Keep going to my job.
5. read more books, because lord knows I don't yet read enough
6. do something about the four empty water bottles sitting next to my computer for no reason whatsoever
7. have incredibly complicated daydreams about winning the lottery, but never actually buy a lottery ticket because a. you never win and b. Jason would probably blow a gasket...
8. try to stop sweating so darn much. Why is it so hot? WHY?

Apparently the temp is supposed to drop like nearly forty degrees between Sunday morning and Monday morning. I am looking forward to this. IT NEEDS TO BE FALL NOW. I dislike heat. And I hate humidity.

WHY am I moving to south carolina again?

Oh wait, yeah, there's people there I like. People with air conditioning.

Jason and I were randomly trolling apartment rental sites based in greenville sc and I kept asking why no one was mentioning if they had air conditioning or not, and Jason replied, "Because in South Carolina, air conditioning is part of basic living conditions."


  1. Which travel agent?

    It's very cool in the 60's...

    We play the Mega Millions weekly. Lisa says we've won a couple of bucks a time or'll happen! I just know it! Then we'll all have more problems than we could possibly handle!

    I finally got a reservation at the Quality Inn...isn't that the one by Pier 1?

  2. That Vicki from B&A. She's pretty nice, once she realizes you're actually really -planning- a vacation and not just showing up to take her books :)

    Yeah, Quality Inn is the one over there. I can't speak for how good it is, though... oh well, you'll mostly be hanging out with us anyway!


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