Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Watch Me Turn Into a Stepford Wife

I have been mulling over a possible grocery list all morning. I plan to go on a massive grocery buying spree after we've gotten all the piles of boxes and stuff moved on the 15th... there's just something so nice about filling up a kitchen with food when you've moved somewhere new. And we're going to -splurge- on these groceries...

Anyway, I love grocery lists. And buying groceries.

Your hostess with the most... ess... returns!

Whirlwind trips, not a lot of downtime... it's hard to get into a blogging mood! In any case, here is the short version of my life since June 14th:

I was hired at my new job, drove five hours in the worst weather I've ever driven in starting at 4:30 AM to get to my new training center, lived there for two and a half weeks, came home to start my new job at my actual center, had a terrible busy two days, drove to my parents' house for the Fourth of July and stayed in a hotel room that had a Jacuzzi (woo hoo!). Watched my niece be cute. Watched it rain on the parade in Hopedale, hung with Isaac and his entire awesome family, watched my niece be cute. Ate dinner with Sarah, and a couple of other people I knew in high school. Had a party Sunday. Watched my niece by cute. Drove back to Carbondale... have now worked two less stressful days at new job, think I'm going to keep it.

So that's it in a nutshell! Any questions?