Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sweaty Girl

It is so muggy here. I have sweat sticking to my forehead. On the bright side, though, the only electrical things I've used today have been the microwave (twice), my computer (constantly), and the coffee maker (once). Other than that, nothing but the bare necessities (refrigerator, etc). So at least I haven't used too much electricity.

I am working still on getting ready for the trip. I'm basically done, I just need to pack the last minute stuff I can't do until tomorrow morning. I got a recycled plastic binder, recycled folders, and recycled notebooks to take with me. I'm so proud of me, haha.

I'm taking my own pillow + one blanket... I've got pillowcases to switch out over time. Plans today: Clean up the living room a bit, then clean off my computer desk.

Plans tomorrow: Pack toothpaste, deoderant, shampoo/conditioner. Print out mapquested directions. Turn off computer.

Drive to McLean starting around 6:30, probably arrive around 10:30. Go to bed by midnight.

Plans Tuesday: Up at six A.M. at the LATEST (going to try 5:30), on the road before 7. Drive straight to the training center, there by 9 AM. Do training center stuff. Check into my hotel around 6:30, unload all my stuff in the room, then take a swim in the pool.

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