Sunday, June 14, 2009

Sweaty Girl

It is so muggy here. I have sweat sticking to my forehead. On the bright side, though, the only electrical things I've used today have been the microwave (twice), my computer (constantly), and the coffee maker (once). Other than that, nothing but the bare necessities (refrigerator, etc). So at least I haven't used too much electricity.

I am working still on getting ready for the trip. I'm basically done, I just need to pack the last minute stuff I can't do until tomorrow morning. I got a recycled plastic binder, recycled folders, and recycled notebooks to take with me. I'm so proud of me, haha.

I'm taking my own pillow + one blanket... I've got pillowcases to switch out over time. Plans today: Clean up the living room a bit, then clean off my computer desk.

Plans tomorrow: Pack toothpaste, deoderant, shampoo/conditioner. Print out mapquested directions. Turn off computer.

Drive to McLean starting around 6:30, probably arrive around 10:30. Go to bed by midnight.

Plans Tuesday: Up at six A.M. at the LATEST (going to try 5:30), on the road before 7. Drive straight to the training center, there by 9 AM. Do training center stuff. Check into my hotel around 6:30, unload all my stuff in the room, then take a swim in the pool.

Friday, June 12, 2009

I am so bad at this

Trying to pack mostly everything tonight... so that I can spend tomorrow and Sunday working on cleaning up the apartment a little and getting a few things in order to make it easier on Jason. Thinking about taking a bath, actually.


I need enough outfits that can mix and match that are appropriately "business casual", if not dressier than that. I have: seven outfits, roughly, possibly eight. Dresses, skirts, pants w/shirts. Have picked out jewelry to accompany them, must pick out shoes as well. Luckily I am throwing away about half of my shoes (I have some really, really old shoes).

I need "lounging" clothes for when I'm not training. I have: a whole bunch of shirts, couple pairs of comfy jeans, black capri lounge pants, brown shorts, could probably use one more set of pj's, otherwise good. Lots of random shirts to wear, also good.

Both of my bathing suits, just in case. There is a pool. Need to wash the brand new towels I got, however.

Let's see... whole bunch of cosmetic-type stuff: makeup remover, makeup, face wash, etc... all that stuff except for toothpaste and shampoo/conditioner, but that waits until Monday.

Remaining to pack: Shampoo/conditioner, toothpaste, sketchbooks, book on the Spanish Flu epidemic, at least two fiction books, Bible, journal. Shoes. ...

I'll remember whatever it is eventually.

Thursday, June 11, 2009


I am staying here, just me and the cat. Jason's in SC with his family... what's kind of sad is that less than twenty hours separate me leaving for Macomb and him returning from SC. I don't know how long we will go without seeing each other.

Today is my second-to-last day at Walmart, although I am still deciding on whether or not to just fill out the paperwork today and be done with it. I have things I need to do. Then again, I DO have all of Sunday now when I wasn't sure I did before.

I'm going to drive to McLean Monday night... I start my job in Carbondale, filling out paperwork, on Monday... that ends at 6:15 PM. My training starts Tuesday in Macomb, at 9 AM. Macomb is a five-hour drive from Carbondale, but two hours from McLean. So the idea here is to make a four-hour trip to McLean at night, collapse into bed, sleep, get up early, drive to Macomb to make it to the training facility by 9.

This way I don't have to be on the road at 4 AM to make it there on time.

Check into my hotel Tuesday night when I get out of work, get all my stuff settled. Go for a swim.

I think I've got it all planned out fairly well...

Oh well.

Saturday, June 6, 2009



Sorry. I have a horrible tendency to forget things like this and just stop updating, or start putting it off endlessly. So here we go.

Jason is leaving for South Carolina Tuesday. I'm still trying to push him into renting a car for the trip, because I don't think his poor little car has another round-trip left in it... I think once we get to SC we're going to have to trade it in or something. Poor thing.

my last day at Wal-Mart in June 12th. You heard it right, kids, I'm quittin' Wal-Mart. But why, you ask?

I got another job. I'm going to be the manager of a payday loan place, at least 'til we move to SC. My four-to-six-week training course starts on the 15th. So... Jason and I won't see each other for a while. Which isn't fun, but we'll manage it. We've done it before, we can do it again.

I will be in Macomb, IL, doing my training, which means it's a five-hour trip to and from C-Dale and I hate driving... so I may be coming to Mom and Dad's house more often than is absolutely necessary, since that's only a two-hour drive. I don't know. I do love my husband...

Today I worked a four-hour shift at Wally World, and am now drinking caffeine. I'm fighting off the caffeine-withdrawl headache I got around 10 AM this morning, and trying to get mysel geared up to start packing our stuff up.

Jason will probably have to move from one apartment to the next by himself and/or with movers, if I can afford movers I'm going to get some, even though Jason doesn't think he needs help. At the VERY least I'm going to ask our family friends the Vargas family if they'd be willing to help us out in exchange for pizza.

Also, my cat just threw up on the carpet. Who says pets aren't good practice for children? Three years ago I'd have gotten ill myself and had to wait until Jason got home and make him clean it... now I just sigh, get some paper towels and some carpet cleaner, and have at it.