Monday, March 23, 2009

As you can tell

I haven't been doin' all that much lately. Just work, and then school, and then more work and then some more school. Yesterday I got out at 1 PM and Jason had the day off, so we spent some pretty important time together. We went to the park, ate brie and fruit spread on crackers for supper, bought Charlie Bartlett, this movie, and watched it with me having a nice warm cup of decaffinated coffee.

In real news, I got Easter weekend off like I asked, so I will be comin' on home to McLean that weekend to spend time with the family and to see my niece.

Jason and I are shooting for summer for our next SC visit.

Also, we won't be moving next year! We worked out a deal with the landlords, they knocked a hundred dollars off the rent price per month so that Jason and I could stay... essentially, they're charging us for a three-bedroom the same as they're charging for their two-bedrooms. We get an extra bedroom for free, yippee. Now I just have to come up with something to DO with it.

I've let the cat out since I got home, onto the back deck. She has been out there for an hour at a time, then bounds inside to snuggle and purr and get me to pet her, then back outside for more. I think, perhaps, she may like the outside.

There are so many things I could be doing right now. I'm settling for trying to work on thesis stuff.

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  1. YAY! I'm glad you get to come home! But we might have to fight over the beautiful baby...though if you have the energy to keep up with her, I'll share! She likes to be on the move!

    Now...if Jason could just get some time off...


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