Monday, March 2, 2009

age ain't nothin' but a number

I turn 23 on Friday, which is frightening to me. 23 already? That's only two years from my inner timeline for when I wanted to start having children. Maybe I should put that off a little longer.

Usually when I get to my birthday I don't feel any older than I did the year before. This year I do. It was a growin' up year, to be sure. I got married, I'm settling into things. I don't know.

I need to go get a new phone when my two-year-replacement date rolls over, this poor thing I've got is really starting to go. I have a haircut on Friday (yay, birthday present from me TO me), my new glasses should come in this week.

I've applied for a few days off around Easter so I can get back to my family to see my niece and sister and my mom and dad. We're still working on getting the big blue to let Jason have enough days off to go see his. It's getting a bit infuriating. He decided to try and go with me on Easter, so we'll see what happens. If that works out, we'll have to get someone to come sit with the cat or she shall be very very sad and she is my baby, so we can't have that.

I'm working on arty bits to turn in to class tomorrow and drinking way too much coffee. I made myself bacon and bagels with cream cheese for breakfast, I'll have pasta for a late lunch before work. I work 5-9 tonight. Jason, ironically, worked 8-5 today. So I will see him for an hour on his lunch break and then not at all 'til I get out at 9. We have to get up tomorrow for school so odds are we won't have much relaxing time before bed, either. This semester is a harsh one.

I have to meet with my thesis people very very soon and get all that hammered out. I am doing the Official Big Me Show over the summer, but there'll be a small one for graduation purposes as well.

Maybe I'll play some video games for a bit.

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