Monday, March 23, 2009

As you can tell

I haven't been doin' all that much lately. Just work, and then school, and then more work and then some more school. Yesterday I got out at 1 PM and Jason had the day off, so we spent some pretty important time together. We went to the park, ate brie and fruit spread on crackers for supper, bought Charlie Bartlett, this movie, and watched it with me having a nice warm cup of decaffinated coffee.

In real news, I got Easter weekend off like I asked, so I will be comin' on home to McLean that weekend to spend time with the family and to see my niece.

Jason and I are shooting for summer for our next SC visit.

Also, we won't be moving next year! We worked out a deal with the landlords, they knocked a hundred dollars off the rent price per month so that Jason and I could stay... essentially, they're charging us for a three-bedroom the same as they're charging for their two-bedrooms. We get an extra bedroom for free, yippee. Now I just have to come up with something to DO with it.

I've let the cat out since I got home, onto the back deck. She has been out there for an hour at a time, then bounds inside to snuggle and purr and get me to pet her, then back outside for more. I think, perhaps, she may like the outside.

There are so many things I could be doing right now. I'm settling for trying to work on thesis stuff.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Senior Show

To whom it may concern:

The Senior Art Show (which I am required to take part in and which counts as my thesis show) is the weekend of graduation. The Glove Factory gallery will be open to the public from 12 noon to 4 PM Thursday, May 8 and Friday, May 9. There is a reception Sunday after the graduation ceremony, but I'm not going to be in the ceremony itself so I don't know how all that will work out.

If you want to come see the pieces, you are more than welcome! I will, of course, be willing to show any visitors I get basically everything I've been working on this year.

Monday, March 16, 2009

this update is mostly for my mother

I am voluntarily ironing something for the first time in my life.

Spring is upon us

and true to the way I was raised, I'm feelin' the cleaning itch. Because of who I am, that itch is very small and I can mostly ignore it.

I am giving in to it in a small way today, as I'm putting a bunch of the clothing I no longer wear in a goodwill donation bag.

I cashed a birthday check today and bought myself some lovely sale clothing for spring. Apparently my spring color will be something between robin's egg blue and turquoise, since that's roughly the color of all three shirts I bought. I also bought a pair of lovely dark jeans and chocolate brown linen pants. A good pair of linen pants is a spring must-have in my opinion.

Yay sale stuff.

Next paycheck, I can have a bit more. Stupid grown-up budgeting that I'm really bad at finally sneaking in.

Jason and I ate at Red Lobster yesterday with those gift cards Mom sent me. We both left completely stuffed and entirely satisfied with our meal. The waitress was really nice. Jason always makes comments about how even the 'fresh' fish isn't -really- fresh. Haha, being raised near the coast (well, relatively speaking) apparently spoiled him.

Jason got denied his request to come to my parents' house with me on Easter weekend. I don't know if I got it yet or not, his assistant manager actually spoke to him in person about it. Inventory starts that week, so nobody in departments is getting anything... but I'm a cashier and we have absolutely nothing to do with inventory, so I should get it.

It makes me sad :( I hate spending even four days away from him. Oh well. I'll dispatch our friend Alana to come play video games with him so he won't be sad.

The upside is that I get to see the beautiful baby! I listen to my niece on the phone and watch videos Christina sends us through e-mail and she just gets cuter every day. She was trying to steal the phone from Christina to talk to me tonight, ha.

Okay, to do list:

1. Taxes (yes yes I know)
2. Rent apartment for next year
3. Contact thesis committee to set up meeting
4. Profit?
5. Eventually sleep

Monday, March 2, 2009

age ain't nothin' but a number

I turn 23 on Friday, which is frightening to me. 23 already? That's only two years from my inner timeline for when I wanted to start having children. Maybe I should put that off a little longer.

Usually when I get to my birthday I don't feel any older than I did the year before. This year I do. It was a growin' up year, to be sure. I got married, I'm settling into things. I don't know.

I need to go get a new phone when my two-year-replacement date rolls over, this poor thing I've got is really starting to go. I have a haircut on Friday (yay, birthday present from me TO me), my new glasses should come in this week.

I've applied for a few days off around Easter so I can get back to my family to see my niece and sister and my mom and dad. We're still working on getting the big blue to let Jason have enough days off to go see his. It's getting a bit infuriating. He decided to try and go with me on Easter, so we'll see what happens. If that works out, we'll have to get someone to come sit with the cat or she shall be very very sad and she is my baby, so we can't have that.

I'm working on arty bits to turn in to class tomorrow and drinking way too much coffee. I made myself bacon and bagels with cream cheese for breakfast, I'll have pasta for a late lunch before work. I work 5-9 tonight. Jason, ironically, worked 8-5 today. So I will see him for an hour on his lunch break and then not at all 'til I get out at 9. We have to get up tomorrow for school so odds are we won't have much relaxing time before bed, either. This semester is a harsh one.

I have to meet with my thesis people very very soon and get all that hammered out. I am doing the Official Big Me Show over the summer, but there'll be a small one for graduation purposes as well.

Maybe I'll play some video games for a bit.