Tuesday, February 3, 2009


My printmaking teacher is giving me a zero for the crit, since I wasn't there Thursday. She is going to grade my actual project because it was int he classroom (in the drying racks) and technically could have been graded with or without me there, but take a full letter grade off nonetheless.

Ugh. At least it's not a total zero? But I'm kind of angry. The thing is, this particular teacher has a reputation as being hard as nails and without compromise, so I'm pretty sure I got some serious mercy from her, based on my warnings from students AND a couple of professors before I got into this class.

I'll take it, but I'm definitely not happy about it.

I AM hungry, but I was going to try and wait until 5, when Jason gets out of class. Hmmn. Maybe I'll eat a bag of chips. I was thinking he and I could get Moe's tonight. I love Moe's. I was so happy to see it come to Carbondale! It was my favorite place to visit in SC.

I'm telling you, if I wasn't in college? Jason and I would be migrating south right about now, though. Only one more winter of this, only one more. Then Jason will be done, we'll have lived out our last lease and we can move to warmer climes.

ugh. Start looking for apartments for us, Robin.

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  1. Can I come too? Just kidding - but this Winter is not fun! It has been SOOO cold here too - and the wind makes it unbearable! At least we're supposed to get up to the 30's this weekend. That will be nice.

    Did you get the package I sent?

    Sorry to hear about your grade - that really sucks! I hate when teachers won't budge, but at least it isn't a zero!

    Love you!


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