Thursday, February 5, 2009

ploddity ploddity

It's still so cold my fingers tingle after only a few seconds outside. I can't wait for warmer weather to come. January and February are the worst. December 09 through February 2010 will be the last winter we spend in Illinois if I have anything to say about it. Then we're moving SOUTH, kids, we will be migrating like particularly cold geese.

I'm looking into a duplex for next year. I saw an ad in the paper and though I'm a bit worried someone else will have gotten there before me, I'm hopeful. It's a 2-bedroom (Jason and I like having the extra computer room) for 495, which is essentially the same rates we were paying on the 3-bedroom, 250 each. Water's included, trash is included, and it has a washer/dryer unit it looks like? And pets are okay. I suppose I'll have to put down a pet deposit, but that's fine, I'm used to that.

I have to print out some stuff for silkscreening ideas and then... funny story. So I'm quickly becoming obsessed with the Life is Good website and I found some cute shirts that had little terrain scenes on them. LIke, one was a little mountain scene in a circle, one was an island, one was a desert scene. So I e-mailed them asking if they had considered maybe doing a little field-scene or a prairie scene for us flatlanders and got an e-mail back almost right away! The funny part is that they want me to print out, sign, and mail in a disclosure form saying that I don't expect any compensation for my idea, I just sent it to them free of obligation or expectation. So that's kind of funny. But the lady said she would show them the e-mail probably as soon as they get the form and can file it.

So I'm hopeful.

In other news, we're switching from white sugar to cane juice crystals, because the refining process in making white sugar is a big part of what makes it bad for you. It's not exactly "raw" sugar (which you see advertised sometimes), it goes through a different process than that. But in any case, I think it tastes better and I like having a little molasses. We had earlier made the switch from white flour to whole-wheat or just wheat flour and that has been good, too! It makes everything you make with it noticeably more filling, so you end up eating less.

It's a bit more expensive because it's sort of the "trendy" hippie thing right now, but that's fine with us... we'll just budget more on how often we're sticking sugar in things.

And to add, no, I'm not trying to be a trendy hippie. :)

Valentine's Day is coming up... although Jason and I don't do a lot of those sappy holiday-things, we ARE going to hit up Kay's Jewelry this weekend. They're having a big sale and my inner jewelry-hound wants to go see if I like any of it. I get so many compliments on my wedding ring it's hilarious... I wear it to work and I'll get these older women who just -grab- my hand so they can look at it.

Okay. I think I've wasted enough time warming up. Time to print out the images for silkscreening and wander that way.

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