Friday, February 27, 2009

New camera

cards have been mailed out.

We have a new camera! Finally, a digital one. Maybe I can start having actual pictures of this life I lead, ha.

Not much to say, really. It's a quiet day here. Jason works all day. He got turned down for a request for time off AGAIN, so it looks like no SC until summer at least. Maybe his boss -wants- him to be depressed? Who knows. Kind of makes me wistful for when I was a supervisor and could essentially give myself a week off if I had to.

We'll try again in the summer. I'm going to ask for some time around Easter to see my family and my niece? So cross your fingers for that.

Like I said, nothing exciting. Quatro's pizza and beer last night. We tried an organic hard apple cider that was actually really good, if only about as alcoholic as cough syrup. We also tried a Sam Adams Blackberry Witbier which was waaaaaay too light for us. We don't really do pale, so we were less than excited. Pretty good beer still, though.

Haircut next week, if all goes according to plan. I should get my new glasses next week too. I will take a picture!

I need to clean the bathroom today. That sink is getting... eesh.

We're looking at a few other complexes to live in next year? But we may stick with Sugartree. They haven't been terrible to us. We're just not sure we want to sit through all these repairs next year on a totally new place. Also our oven hasn't worked in like two weeks, but we haven't ahd time to call the landlords about it. Whoops. That's okay, we saute everything anyway.

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  1. We got our card yesterday - thanks!

    I would find someplace else to live if I was you. We lived through a remodel at two of our apartments and it is not fun. Nothing ever goes according to plan, there is always a mess everywhere, and often something goes wrong and sets everything back. I'm sure you could find a place with similar space for the money, don't you think?

    Love you a bunch! It was great to chat with you the other day!


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