Tuesday, February 17, 2009

bad moon on the rise

Been in a less-than-stellar mood for a couple of days now with no apparent cause. Sometimes I just get moody, I guess. We got everyone's cards! Thank you so much! We also received the package from Atlanta Christian Church, family, so I'll be sending out that THank-You card on Wednesday... along with SOME OTHER cards I've been meaning to send but have the worst possible memory for.

Yes, family, that means the wedding thank-you cards are FINALLY making the rounds. I'm so bad at this stuff, I'm terribly sorry for the lateness.

Planning for my birthday. I think I will treat myself to a new pair of glasses (I have needed new glasses for about two years but just kept putting it off) and a haircut (have needed arguably since November). Short hair + new glasses, = yay. They have purple glasses at the wal-mart vision center, which is where I'll be going. Yay employee discount.

Jason said you can tell I'm getting tired of my length of hair because I've always got it pulled back in a messy bun now and just seem bothered by it.

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