Sunday, September 14, 2008


Grandma VanHoorn asked (albeit in e-mail), but it occured to me that other members of the family may be vaguely interested as well. If you're not, uhm... I guess don't read it? :)

What do you have to do for your thesis to graduate?

Well first, I have to get together a "committee" of three professors. So far I've got Erin Palmer, who is a professor who mainly paints but who has been one of my best drawing teachers so far; Ed Shay, who taught me watercolor and who is kind of an awesome aging hippie; and Najjar Abdul-Musawwir, who teaches Mixed Media and is seriously a very enthusiastic free spirit. The three of them sort of, in different ways, go along with the kind of stuff I like to do. I just have to fill out the paperwork and we're set.

After that, I have to submit a thesis proposal to them. I write up a big old statement with what I want to do, the proposed size of my pieces and how big a gallery space they'll take up, what it all means, etc. They say it's cool? Then I start working.

Your last semester is usually spent mostly working on your thesis, so that'll be next semester.

I have to get a gallery space for about a week; this can cost between 50$ to 500$, depending on the space and whether or not I use one from the school (I'm planning to). I'm hoping to plan my show for early May or late April... then Jason and I are planning to go to Portland, Oregon for a week just to sightsee and go somewhere we've never been before. (Yes, that choice was completely random).

Because I'm a Drawing major, I'm expected to focus mainly on drawing works for my thesis-- which is the plan!

Right now I'm finishing up a painting for my Advanced Painting class... then I need to read a couple chapters for Indigenous Languages of North America... then I need to work on some foot studies for my drawing class... those three things are due on Tuesday.